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Dim Sum Cooking workshop

Dim Sum Kochkurs bei China Restaurant YUNG

Dim Sum Kochkurs bei China Restaurant YUNG

Dim Sum Cooking Class - Who can you learn more about the Chinese craft from than Chinese people themselves?

Jiaozi, Siu Mai, Har Gao and co. always look great in Chinese restaurants and taste heavenly! You've probably also tried the famous dim sum, which are slowly creeping their way into everyone's hearts.

Do you feel like a short culinary vacation now? The year is almost over or just starting? And you have firmly resolved to learn something new this year?

Super! You are exactly right with us!

Because for all those who want to make dim sum at home from now on, we offer regular dim sum cooking classes with us!

Dim Sum Cooking workshop

With a registration to the Dim Sum Cooking Course with us you not only try something new, but you can spend a nice day with like-minded people and exchange ideas. You can also participate as a family, couple, with your friends or as a company. Dim Sum cooking class is also perfect as a gift for cooking enthusiasts or China fans.

From our Chinese cooks you will learn not only how to make the filling and the dough, how to season it properly, how to cook it and how to fry it. In the foreground is with us in particular the so special and character-giving folding of the dumplings.

After all, this is a real craft that requires a little patience and diligence. After our course, however, it will certainly be quite easy for you!

Moreover, the practical thing is that you do not need to bring anything except interest, openness and a lot of good humor. We will take care of all the ingredients and everything else necessary materials.

After each cooking class there will be common feast. Then you can also ask anything about the history and tradition of Chinese dim sum culture that is on your mind.

Together we want to eat not only the homemade dumplings, but also the traditional Chinese Peking duck and try a few desserts made in-house. A variety of drinks is of course included.

After a cooking class with us, you will surely be able to invent your own dim sum creations at home and become the favorite host of your circle of friends!

We look forward to sharing our passion with you very soon!

Here you can go to our Cooking course calendar

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